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During your visit to Greece, combine your vacation with a relaxing wellness program especially tailored for you.  Leave anxieties behind and let us take you into a fascinating journey of relation and rejuvenation.  Whether it is for a few hours, a full day or multiple days, at Exceptional Journey we will propose a program that will suit any schedule or lifestyle.

Along with one of the best climates in the world, Greece is enriched with natural springs and therapeutic properties known from ancient times. Therapeutic springs with beneficial actions are found in many locations around the mainland, in natural sea settings and surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

In addition to Greece’s natural resources, many wellness resorts and luxury spa hotels with high standard facilities and a wide range of specialized services, may be found in the Athenian Riviera and throughout the mainland, such as the breathtaking region of Peloponnese, where you may enjoy a unique experience of peace and serenity.  Select from a variety of pampering spa treatments and relish in a wellness and healing program designed to make you look and feel your best.  Choose the revitalizing modern or ancient technique program which is right for you, such as anti-stress, anti-ageing, detox, weight loss, massages, and beauty services.

For overnight stays, enjoy luxurious accommodations with top notch hospitality and indulge in Greek Mediterranean cuisine made with healthy traditional products.  And if time permits, take the opportunity to explore the Greek countryside and tour historical ancient sites to complete your unforgettable holiday experience!

Greek Mythology Tidbit

Asclepius was the ancient god of medicine and healing.  Sacred healing sanctuaries called Asclepions were established throughout Greece, famous for their cures and set in locations of great natural beauty, rich in vegetation, with thermal springs and spectacular views.  The most famous celebrated healing center was at Epidaurus dating to the fourth century BC.


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