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Indulge in a private Sailing cruise from Athens

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For sea lovers seeking an exciting adventure during their journey to Greece, a private sailing cruise is an ideal way to enjoy a relaxed day in the deep blue!  The Greek seas are considered safe, distances between coasts are small, and they have favorable conditions for sea traveling.

Choose between a luxurious sailing boat or motor yacht, crewed with an experienced and professional, English-speaking skipper that will turn your day into a unique and memorable experience.

Create your own itinerary, select a one-day or multiple-day cruise and escape into the serenity of the sea surrounded by natural beauty.

If you wish to sail near Athens, choose between a cruise to the nearby island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf or cruise the Athenian Riviera.  There are many sailing routes that offer ideal conditions with splendid coasts and different islands to explore.

For a rewarding sailing experience, contact us and our team of experts will customize an itinerary according to your personal interests and budget.


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