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Greece is a distinguished venue for the organization of your next business conference or event.  The natural beauty, climate, safe environment and hospitality make the perfect background to host your special event.  Luxury hotel accommodations and a large range of conference centers offering high quality services, all make Greece a highly attractive business destination.

Exceptional facilities in Athens and the surrounding regions of the mainland can satisfy the most demanding and particular business requirements.  Whether you are hosting a small or large group, we can assist you in organizing a successful business meeting, seminar, cultural event or staff retreat from start to finish.

Combine your business activities with recreational time for your group members.  Discover Greece’s rich history and cultural heritage through sightseeing tours, or offer your members the choice to relax during their free time enjoying sports activities such as golf or sailing.  Indulge in Greek gastronomy at fine seaside restaurants or through catering services with carefully crafted menus and superb wine selections.

For business executives with demanding needs, we offer our VIP services, including ground transportation from airports and ports to your venue.  Our fleet of reliable, comfortable and luxurious vehicles will cater the needs of each individual or group.  Our experienced English-speaking drivers will handle any assignment with the highest level of professionalism.  Additionally, we can satisfy special requests such as helicopter or private airplane transfers.

Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will work with you to meet your special needs to organize a successful and memorable event!


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