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Argolis-Mystras-Monemvasia 3 Days


3 DAYS - 2 Nights

Overnight at Sparta and Monemvasia


through the historical cities and archaeological sites of Corinth, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Sparta and Monemvasia


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Day 1
Starting from Athens in the morning, we follow the coastal National Highway to the Corinth Canal, where we make a short stop.  Moving along to the south, we arrive to Ancient Corinth, one of the most powerful city states of ancient Greece.  At this site, you will visit the 6th century BC Temple of Apollo and the Sanctuary of Asclepius, the God of medicine and healing.  You will also see the Bema, the public platform that was used for public announcements and judgments, and where St. Paul had to plead his case for accusations of contrary teaching (50s AD).   Follow with a visit to the Museum where you may view some of the most impressive artifacts.

We continue to Ancient Epidaurus.  One of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece and famous for its Ancient Theatre (4th century BC), considered as one of the purest masterpieces of Greek architecture.  Epidaurus was the motherland of Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing.  Discover the Asclepius Sanctuary, a site with ruins of temples dedicated to the healing gods.

Next stop is the picturesque town of Nafplio, characterized by a Medieval atmosphere, beauty, culture, history and tradition.  Discover the Bourtzi castle located in the middle of the harbor and the Palamidi, a dominating fortress that appears as it is floating over the city.  This is the perfect setting to enjoy a seaside lunch.

After lunch, we visit Mycenae, the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon and the most important and richest palatial center of the Late Bronze Age in Greece.  Its name was given to one of the greatest civilizations of Greek prehistory, the Mycenaean civilization (1600-1100 BC).  Taking a tour of the archaeological site, you will see the Lion Gate at the entrance of the citadel, the Cyclopean wall surrounding and protecting the Acropolis, and the tomb of king Agamemnon.

We continue to Sparta, the motherland of brave men and great warriors who became immortal throughout the centuries.  We will spend the night in Sparta.

Day 2

We start in the morning our tour of Sparta which was founded in the 9th century BC and it was the most powerful military city of Ancient Greece.  King Leonidas and the 300 Spartans are still to this day considered the embodiment of determination and strength.  The tour includes a visit to the Acropolis, the Ancient Theater and the Archaeological site of Menelaion.  You will also have the chance to visit the Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine fortified city of Mystras (a UNESCO World Heritage site), just 7 km from Sparta.  Continue to see some of the monasteries and churches with impressive frescoes, plus you will have the chance to walk through the ancient castle and admire the Byzantine ruins.   At this point, we break for lunch at a traditional tavern in Mystras.

Our next destination is the Byzantine fortress town of Monemvasia.  Referred to throughout the ages as the “Gibraltar of the East,” the town is situated on a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese and is linked to the mainland by a causeway and bridge.  The Greek name “moni emvasia” is derived from the two words meaning single entrance, in other words, the only entrance to the fortress town and a passageway into its past, beginning in the 6th century AD.  Spend the afternoon exploring The Lower Town of Monemvasia, a perfectly preserved medieval settlement with a unique, magical atmosphere and a fascinating history.  We spend the night at Monemvasia at a hotel inside or outside the fortress.

Day 3

Following breakfast, continue to explore the Lower Town of Monemvasia.  Wander around its narrow cobbled lanes and admire the beautifully restored stone buildings.  At the main square visit the town’s cathedral, the Church of Elkomenos Christos.  Here you will also find an important Archaeological Collection which is housed at a 16th century former mosque.  For a rewarding panoramic view of the Lower Town and the surrounding sea, make a steep 15 minute climb from the main square to the Upper Town.  You will find here the Church of Agia Sofia.

Before we return to Athens, we conclude our journey with a visit to Pyrgos Dirou in the town of Mani.  Discover the Diros Caves, which form part of an underground river.  Over 5.000 meters have been exposed and are accessible by small boats and through narrow passageways.  Observe the unique formations of stalagmites and stalactites.  Archaeological research has shown that the caves served as places of worship in Paleolithic and Neolithic times and their inhabitant believed that the caves were the entrance to the underworld.



Special Instructions

Some of the archaeological sites require uphill walking and/or climbing many steps.  We recommend comfortable clothing and walking shoes, preferably flat-soled.   For protection from the heat and sun, we strongly suggest you wear a hat, sun glasses and sunscreen.


Please note that due to strict Greek laws and regulations, your Tour Driver is not licensed to accompany you inside the sites.  Your Tour Driver will provide commentary and basic information only inside the vehicle and only when it is deemed safe to do so while driving.  Please refrain from any distracting behavior as your safety during the tour is our top priority.

Your Driver will drop you off as close to the sites as legally possible and in accordance to Traffic laws.

If you wish to have a personal licensed Tour Guide, you may hire one at extra cost.  Please include your request on the booking form.




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